Sling or pushchair

Sling or pushchair

I enjoy walking through the countryside and walking my dogs. Since having a baby I have found it difficult to walk as I didnt want to take my nice new pram incase it got covered in mud.

I have researched into ways of taking baby with me and many people suggested a sling. 


First I tried the Tomy Roma baby carrier. I loved it. Baby was safe and she slept the entire time. Unfortunately this only lasted until baby was 3 months old. She became to heavy for me to carry and then I was back to square one. 

As I was unable to use a sling I decided to research into a second buggy. I didn't have much money so bought a second hand Maclaren pushchair for £20. This was great in the summer but soon it became winter and the wheels wouldn't work in the mud. I also didn't feel as though my daughter was protected very much. I was worried that the pushchair seemed very flimsy and that my daughter would get knocked down by dogs. Again I was back to square one.

After speaking to other mums an Ergo baby carrier was suggested. This appeared more support than the Toma Roma baby carrier. I am now going to purchase one and a review will be written shortly



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